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Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

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We help you from start to finish to organise your big day

Passionate about the world of weddings

I consider myself detailed organized and a perfectionist. It has always been clear to me that what I love and what I want to do is events. That is why my entire professional career is related to this field.

I have created this project.

Sonia Dones


  • An excellent professional, who listens to you to adapt to your tastes, offers you flexibility and gave us advice on everything we proposed to her. She has everything under control and always has new ideas to make it a special and different day. I would be her again without a doubt, because she manages to give you confidence with her attention and affection. With her, everything was synchronized so that on the wedding day with the nerves we had, we only worried about enjoying ourselves and that's how it was. Incredible day and congratulations on the job. Thank you very much, Sonia.

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