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A wedding in Cadaqués: the ‘yes, I do’ of Marta and Louis on the Costa Brava.

For the organization of the event they trusted Sonia Dones, from Cásate Conmigo Weddings, who was in charge of materializing all the wishes of the couple. They wanted the sea of ​​Cadaqués to be present in the celebration, so they decorated the tables with tablecloths in shades of beige, ecru and different blues. The natural color palette was broken with the explosion of color provided by the flower centers.


  • An excellent professional, who listens to you to adapt to your tastes, offers you flexibility and gave us advice on everything we proposed to her. She has everything under control and always has new ideas to make it a special and different day. I would be her again without a doubt, because she manages to give you confidence with her attention and affection. With her, everything was synchronized so that on the wedding day with the nerves we had, we only worried about enjoying ourselves and that's how it was. Incredible day and congratulations on the job. Thank you very much, Sonia.
  • The treatment of the entire Cásate Conmigo team and especially Sonia has been unbeatable.Our wedding was complicated, since we live abroad and we needed someonewho could be our eyes in Barcelona and help us with decision-making. We couldn't have made a better choice!Sonia's professionalism, treatment and attention made both the process and the wedding perfect.From the big decisions to the small ones, Sonia was there helping us make everything go as we wanted.The knowledge of suppliers and contacts helped a lot to speed up the process and personalize our wedding.On the day of the wedding, both Sonia and all the staff that works for Cásate Conmigo were impeccable.The wedding required a lot of organization and moving the guests to different spaces during the celebration. everything was very naturaland the guests were delighted with both the wedding and the organization.100% recommended wedding planner!Thank you so much for everything Sonia!
  • Delighted with the Marry Me Weddings service, Sonia and her team were key to enjoying our wedding day to the fullest, without having to worry about a thing 💖. A wedding planner who gives you the confidence of a close friend, who accompanies you throughout the process, and who makes it clear everywhere that she enjoys her work, and does everything with a lot of care and love.Sonia gave us the confidence to lead the conversations with suppliers in the best way, always looking for the best for us, and advising us to make the best decisions. ✨It helped us a lot to always be aware of the timeline and clear deadlines, for any type of task that was pending, allowing us to enjoy the process of organizing the wedding a lot, without feeling overwhelmed.During the wedding day, all the details were perfect thanks to her and her team At the ceremony, all the timing and coordination was perfect, and the hall of the farmhouse looked beautiful! Definitely all the details of the decoration that were in his hands were impeccable 💕Thank you Sonia and team for all the details, support and love in the process.Big hug,Sofi & Xavi
  • Being able to count on Sonia and her team during the preparation and on the day of the wedding was quite a GIFT. One of the best decisions we made.Sonia is very proactive, she helped us at all times offering us thousands of alternatives to our doubts (suppliers, decoration ideas, etc.) ensuring that it fits with our style in order to achieve a perfect wedding.Thank you Sonia for your great involvement, it shows that you love your job.100% recommendable!Here you will always have us for whatever you need.Sara & Xavi.
  • When a friend tells me that she is getting married, I tell her: put Sonia at your wedding.We got married at home, that was a double challenge, organize a wedding but in a space not prepared for it. At first we didn't plan to hire a Wedding planner, but when we saw what organizing the wedding involved, my husband started looking for WP.And it couldn't have looked better!Sonia is a person super willing to help with everything, to unblock any problem that arises in the preparation or that day, to propose and advise from her experience, to "roll up her sleeves" and get down to work with whatever is needed.So without a doubt, in these 7 months of wedding preparation, we couldn't be more satisfied with the hiring of Sonia and her team!Thank you very much for your work so well done!Maria and Joaco

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